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Jackson Pollock interview and footage of paint application method

“I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them” Jackson Pollock 1951

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Gestural marks and intuitive gestures

A morning in the studio experimenting with pigment dyes. I worked on heavy gloss paper which absorbed the dyes beautifully (Gravue Empire Gloss 350gsm, provided by G.F. Smith, Hull) 640x900mm.I worked on several pieces at the same time to allow drying … Continue reading

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Abstract Expressionist Textiles

Here is a link to an excellent blog that concerning artists who approach expressive abstraction useing textile media.

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The M62, bridges presenting strong horizontals and lines of huge power stations disappearing into the distance. External stimuli, places, objects and atmospheres which appeal to me

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Making Marks

Bleeding dye into found objects Weights applied on top and left to dry Working on paper already covered in accidental marks and splashes.

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                  Approaching storm over the Humber: This photograph, taken from the north bank, was the starting point of my fascination with this place and an interest in the sublime. The overwhelming power … Continue reading

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Ethereal Glue

The essential of painting is that something, that ‘ethereal glue’, that intermediary product which the artist secretes with all his creative being and which he has to place, to encrust, to impregnate into the pictorial stuff of the painting.— Yves Klein, … Continue reading

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