Spurn Lighthouse

What a wonderful day! I visited one of the most atmospheric, strange and heavenly places on earth, Spurn Point. I was pleased to meet Alice Fox who has just started her 6 month artist in residence there. She is very lucky to now be in possession of the keys to the lighthouse, a place I have always been intrigued to see the interior of. Alice kindly showed me around, it was surprisingly gloomy it was inside as the walls had a dark grey bloom on them however the gentle light coming in from the windows gave a softness to the melancholic atmosphere. The highlight was climbing up into the lantern, the views are jaw-dropping, so spectacular, how I would love to sit up there and draw all day. It is a shame that is was such a nondescript dull, grey day but nevertheless th panorama was still stunning and fascinating.

Alice was very helpful and we had a really nice chat discussing her thoughts and ideas on how she might approach the next six months. She provided me with plenty of interesting information that I will be able to use towards my next essay. It was great to see the work she has already started and her workspace where she had set up a table in the lighthouse looking out to the seaward side of the spit. I hope I can visit her again in a few months to see her progress.

About Annemarie Tickle

I am a Lecturer in Textiles at Hull School of Art and Design. As a visual artist I am interested in atmospheric conditions and events and how the scale of nature makes mans mark on the landscape look insignificant. I enjoy the act of doing and getting my hands dirty so my practice is intensly process led. I use a wide range of media but am particular interested in dying techniques.
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5 Responses to Spurn Lighthouse

  1. Love it!! What a platform for inspiration! Indeed, Spurn Point is quite something.. My partner quite disagreed with me on that finding it oppressing and drab. For me, among other things, I feel it is the isolation and potential drabness of it that affords illumination.. Again, what an amazing area of inspiration, I guess people love it or hate it..

    Wow the light house… I would love to come along on your next visit and view the lighthouse / meet the artist..

    Are you working on this area too Annemarie?

    • Thanks phil, I love it there it blows me away every time, but it is really the spots further up the river that float my boat. It is funny because I love the isolation there but when I went on Saturday it was asolutely rammed full of bird watchers!! The car park was overflowing, it must be a special time when birds arrive for the summer. The artist is having an exhibition in September and the lighthouse will be open then, she is looking for volunteers to man it for a couple of hours too, but that seems a long way away. See you for hand in tomorrow 🙂

      • Dress up as a bird perhaps?, you would be anonymous once again, at least to mankind .. Volunteers to man the lighthouse eh, damn right.. now wheres my captain birdseye costume mr shop keeper? : )

  2. marjorie says:

    Very beautiful and inspirational photos. I am also very fond of lighthouses, thank you for capturing the essence of this one and posting. I love the effect of the grid of the window guard.

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