First canvas: Stain painting

Last night I attempted my first painting onto unprimed canvas. I began by mixing my colours by adding water to acrylic paints so they were more like the consistency of the dyes have been using.

Mixing acrylic paints

I worked on the floor using brushes and pipettes to apply the paint. I did not have any of my drawings and visual research with me so worked spontaneously from memory.

Applying the paint

I spilt some of the paint onto the canvas by accident in my hurry to begin, this stain was an unexpected starting point but helped inform where I put subsequent marks. The paint absorbed easily into the canvas and I felt just out of control enough to still be within my comfort zone.

Knowing when to stop

The piece is rather minimal; I do find it difficult to know when to stop but think that retention of areas of  blank canvas is important. The colours dried disappointingly dull so I will have to do further research into this technique to understand how to achieve better quality results.

About Annemarie Tickle

I am a Lecturer in Textiles at Hull School of Art and Design. As a visual artist I am interested in atmospheric conditions and events and how the scale of nature makes mans mark on the landscape look insignificant. I enjoy the act of doing and getting my hands dirty so my practice is intensly process led. I use a wide range of media but am particular interested in dying techniques.
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