Anthony McCall: Column

I am very excited about seeing this amazing sight from across the Mersey when it eventually gets working.

Here is some more information about the project from The Liverpool Daily Post
MERSEYSIDE’S £500,000 Cultural Olympiad legacy project should finally be visible within weeks – after high winds almost blew it off course.

Scientists creating the three mile-high spinning column of cloud have been forced to make technical adjustments, further holding up the already much delayed art work.

If the changes are successful, New York-based artist Anthony McCall’s work will be seen rising above the Wirral waterfront from around the middle of November.

‘Column’ was initially due to be installed at Birkenhead’s East Float early this year but suffered major setbacks when planning permission was held up by Civil Aviation Authority fears about the impact on flights.

When in place, the cylinder of cloud will be visible for up to 100km – almost as far as Sheffield and Walsall.

The installation is designed to be responsive to natural light and weather, appearing as a white line against blue skies or a dark line against overcast skies.”

by Laura Davis, The Liverpool Post: Oct 11 2012

About Annemarie Tickle

I am a Lecturer in Textiles at Hull School of Art and Design. As a visual artist I am interested in atmospheric conditions and events and how the scale of nature makes mans mark on the landscape look insignificant. I enjoy the act of doing and getting my hands dirty so my practice is intensly process led. I use a wide range of media but am particular interested in dying techniques.
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