Working in the studio

Today I had the luxury of a full day working in the textile print/dye lab workshop. It was brilliant to have such a lot of space to spread out. I could surround myself with the recent works on paper, digital drawings and photographs, this helped as a reference for colour and a prompt for shapes and marks. As you can see I got immersed in more ways than one !!

DSC05220I decided I had to tackle the large canvas I started then abandoned a few months ago. I was not enjoying the process of working on a large-scale and was unhappy with the results. I did not want to give up on this and the painting had been in the back of my mind for some time.


I imagined that I would use only the stain painting technique but I have been exploring acrylics recently in my smaller exploratory pieces. This encouraged me to apply white acrylic as a staring point. Changing the orientation from portrait to landscape also  helped me to reconsider the composition and as  I worked things gradually began to fall into place.

I really love direct contact with and the feel of the wet media. The hands seem the most instinctive tools to use and it was a pleasurable experience to merge and spread the dye and paint around.



Here are the final results, although the paint is still wet so I will reassess the results when dry tomorrow. This was a very physical process and I was exhausted afterwards, I don’t think I could tackle anything much bigger than this. I enjoyed the gradual build up of the painting, making compositional decisions, considering the next move and being spontaneous.

I can see a real development from the work I did on location over the summer. I find the abstraction challenging and satisfying as finished works expressing an energy an direct emotion.

I also began work on a silk piece, but this is in very early stages.


I wish every day could be like this………

About Annemarie Tickle

I am a Lecturer in Textiles at Hull School of Art and Design. As a visual artist I am interested in atmospheric conditions and events and how the scale of nature makes mans mark on the landscape look insignificant. I enjoy the act of doing and getting my hands dirty so my practice is intensly process led. I use a wide range of media but am particular interested in dying techniques.
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2 Responses to Working in the studio

  1. Yes, there’s nothing like direct action – exhilarating, exciting and exhausting!

  2. browhill says:

    They look illuminated.The way the colours bleed into one another is wonderful.

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