Although I am fairly pleased with the colour intensity I am achieving in my canvas paintings I am still striving to heighten the impact. I have begun exploring fluorescent paints in some smaller paintings to see what effect they have when worked with watercolour.

I like this definition, it seems to connect to how I want my paintings to be seen.

FluorescenceThe emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation . A form of luminescence.

New Holand: Watercolour and Fluorescent Paint

New Holland: Watercolour and Fluorescent Paint

The effect here is dazzling, I love the radiance and applying the paint excites me; however I feel a more subtle approach is required to capture my sense of the landscape.

Purple Rain: Watercolour and Fluorescent paint

Purple Rain: Watercolour and Fluorescent paint

This one I am much happier with, I like the bleeding and the balance of complimentary colours. I think the way forward with these paints is to use them sparingly; vivid flashes of neon emitting from deep, dark voids.


About Annemarie Tickle

I am a Lecturer in Textiles at Hull School of Art and Design. As a visual artist I am interested in atmospheric conditions and events and how the scale of nature makes mans mark on the landscape look insignificant. I enjoy the act of doing and getting my hands dirty so my practice is intensly process led. I use a wide range of media but am particular interested in dying techniques.
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3 Responses to Fluorescence

  1. Anonymous says:

    Exciting to see production and transitions as we near completion of what seems an everlasting journey, best

  2. browhill says:

    I like the second one best too, you’ve got the balance just right. Interesting contrast between soft and hard edges. Assured, vibrant and exciting work.

    • I hope to get some more done over the weekend, play about with it, it’s exciting. We had some fluorescent poster paints when we were little and I remember being fascinated by it.

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