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The Sublime, Fluorescence and Complementary Ratios

Thinking about why the dramatic skies appeal so much to me, I consider it to be down to the contrasting complementary colours seen during certain meteorological events or times of day, particularly sunset. I came across this very insightful website explaining ratios … Continue reading

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Anthony McCall: Column

I am very excited about seeing this amazing sight from across the Mersey when it eventually gets working. Here is some more information about the project from The Liverpool Daily Post “MERSEYSIDE’S £500,000 Cultural Olympiad legacy project should finally be … Continue reading

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John Ruskin

John Ruskin, Modern Painters I, Of Truth of Skies 1843. I found a connection with Ruskin’s writing since I have been observing the sky in great detail and taking time to enjoy its fleeting  and unpredictable drama and beauty. “…there … Continue reading

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