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I have produced a short statement to go into the M.A. exhibition catalogue and onto the group website This briefly summarises my practice, concentrating on the latest developments involving fluorescent pigment. Statement Repetitive visits to record my response to the … Continue reading

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The Sublime, Fluorescence and Complementary Ratios

Thinking about why the dramatic skies appeal so much to me, I consider it to be down to the contrasting complementary colours seen during certain meteorological events or times of day, particularly sunset. I came across this very insightful website explaining ratios … Continue reading

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Losing the Horizon

I delivered my paper at the MA symposium this week. I have been dreading the thought of publicly talking bout my work but somehow got through it. The symposium was brilliant in two ways. Firstly it was wonderful to hear … Continue reading

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David Blackburn: Pastel Landscapes

I came across this artist while reading the wonderful book “This Enchanted Isle” by Peter Woodcock.       Blackburn’s landscape work has a mysterious and other worldly feel.  I think this is due to his masterful handling of pastel, … Continue reading

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James Turrell

“In a lucid dream, you have a sharper sense of colour and lucidity than with your eyes open. I’m interested in the point where imaginative seeing and outside seeing meet, where it becomes difficult to differentiate between seeing from the … Continue reading

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Ross Bleckner

I greatly admire the work of the artist Ross Bleckner. Although his theme of mortality is different to my own work,  I find a connection through the illusion of light he achieves. The illumination that shines out from his paintings promotes … Continue reading

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Mary Mattingly: First Light/ Last Light

I came across these photographs on the booooooom.com website and they took my breath away. They have been superimposed to create a cross and are inspired by living in an isolated place. The isolation of some of the points along … Continue reading

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